O Monte

Integrated in the Costa Vicentina Natural Park, in Alentejo shore, the property is located 4 kms from Vila Nova de Milfontes, next to the municipal road 532 (Milfontes – São Luís) and within a very short distance of the best beaches in the region (just 6 kms from Malhão beach and 8 kms from the Aivados beach).

The natural scenario of the property is the typical Alentejo plain fields surrounded by Cercal and São Luís Mountains, being within 100 meters of the Mira River, this one, one of the most preserved rivers in Europe. The mouth of the Mira River, there close, meets Vila Nova de Milfontes, the “Alentejo Princess”, and a splendorous Atlantic Ocean with beaches and landscapes of unparalleled beauty.

It is the real Alentejo experience, with never ending plain fields, with sea and river, providing a peaceful spirit and wellbeing experience to those who visit our property.

The property is composed of two houses originally in traditional “taipa” and stone construction, ­ Casa do Lavrador and Casa do Celeiro ­ both fully recovered, preserving the essentiality of the original typical Alentejo house.



Vila Nova de Milfontes is a fishing village with a strong connection to the sea, which gives it an unrivaled natural beauty.


The Southwest Alentejo Natural Park is the guardian of the wild beauty of the Alentejo that invites long walks.


Alentejo Litoral can find beaches almost virgin state, squeezed between cliffs or stretching in large sandbanks.